Happy Mothers Day!

It is that time of the year when we actually take out a day to celebrate those beautiful people we call mothers. Have fun doing that. A mother, be it human mother, animal mother or insect mother is so important not just for procreation but also for provision and protection of her young ones in different times. People have tried to make an acronym out of that word “Mother”. If you read through the internet, you will see quite a bit. However an interesting one caught my attention: Most Omnipotent & Treasurable Heroine in Everybody’s Reality = MOTHER A preacher man once said “when God wanted to be everywhere, He created mothers”. Aren’t we all heroines when we truly want to be who God made us. That’s the reason anyone of us is usually called irresponsible when she fails to perform as one. Have you ever entered that realm where you wonder how a woman transforms to play the role of both father and mother when the head of the family bows out. I saw one when I was still in my teens. A woman who was rolling on the floor that her husband spoilt her and left her alone so early. Her husband never allowed her change the gas cylinder. She felt so stranded at the passing away of her husband. She was very devastated. However, after the mourning period , she became a different person. I had the opportunity of seeing her again nearly 3 decades later, all her toddlers then are now graduates without a husband beside her. Even when the men are beside us, the heroine in us rises up when we confront some circumstances. It is mother’s day again in a few days, celebrate her, dead or alive. Get a good gift if you can afford it. Better still, miss a few days lunch and pick a gift for the mother in your life. Now, I will give you this assignment you will do from now on till she departs in her good old age. On your birthday, I mean your own, buy your mom a gift. There is one truth you are not being told, the blessing from your biological parents lips supersedes every other person’s. A pastor friend reminded me of that recently. If you don’t believe, become a parent and start making the sacrifices. If they have passed on, you may actually feel like bringing them back to life to do some things for them, which is not possible. Do something for her memory if she has passed on. I have heard of where daughters left hospitals after baby delivery and went straight to apologize for all their insolent behavior towards their moms during their growing up years. They have only gone through labor, yet to start the real work of raising a child. Begin this year to do something special for your parents on your birthday, so you will not have to cry too much when they pass on nor live in regrets. Do something special for them. You can go register here: https://www.bonfire.com/welcome/9a7c7672cf9c4/ and make special T-Shirt for her to wear or for yourself telling the world about her. Celebrate your parents whilst they are here with you. You will be a parent someday too. Happy mothers’ day to all living mothers! May you live long to reap the fruit of your labor.

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