You Need To Know This

Good day people. Trust the year is unfolding beautifully for you and you are taking good care of the greatest machine ever made, your body.

We are all seeing the widespread renal failures happening; and when it starts, it is like there is no remedy. Truly, there is no remedy. It has been proven that the organs sustain the body and when once it is diagnosed as failing, it is the beginning of an end. Sometimes an avoidable end. So how do you ensure that these organs serve you for a long time without collapsing? At least do what you can and let God handle what you cannot.

First, get smarter on health with your phone. Use your smart phone to research on food that strengthen the organs of the body to make them work smartly for you. Then deliberately chose to eat and snack on them. When you are out to a buffet lunch/dinner, load up on them first. Then keep a little space for those useless foods we all love to eat sometimes. Do they not always taste very sweet? I have mine and I know you do too. Secondly, spend money on keeping the internal part of your body functioning well. The internal ones control all the external organs. Do not wear expensive designer brands on a deteriorating body. A cheaper brand will sit well on a very healthy body. Finally and most importantly, some times, it is the same drugs that you are given or you purchased over the counter with your money that will destroy these important internal organs of the body. Take time to understand and research on the medication you or any close family member of yours is taking. I remember clearly the growing up years of my children, when I visit the clinic in those days and my children are given pain killers from the Ibuprofen family, paracetamol is usually added with the advice “Stop the former after the first or second use and continue with paracetamol.” Reason being the heavy burden of Ibuprofen on the kidneys. Those heavy pain killers are also too heavy on the important organs of the body. Big Pharma will not tell us this. Doctors who know and care will. Listen to the names of the medications you are being given, most of the Ibuprofen now come in different names. Above all, read, you are literate. These days doctors now give pain killers of the Ibuprofen family for ordinary headache and body pains. After the first use, just junk it and take something milder. It will work. Also, if you rest properly and eat right, the body takes over to heal itself. Leave Ibuprofen for major mind boggling pains. Save your organs from such wild attack. Interestingly, it is your money that is paying for this deterioration. That is what big pharma does. Throw us into a cycle of pain. You believe you are treating something. However, you are incurring a more debilitating one and when you go back, more Ibuprofen is given. End result, renal failure. Major organs collapse. For further reading, google: Pain medicines(Analgesics)- National kidney foundation We will do what we ought to do and the almighty God will perfect our efforts in taking care of the body He gave us to use here on earth. Have a great life!

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