Dressing Appropriately, Even For Online Meetings And Events

Hello smart worker. I believe you are doing great, the lock down notwithstanding. Surely, it will be over soon.

With the numerous rules and dictates of appropriate dressing, fashion and styling, it is still sometimes difficult to determine what is appropriate for different occasions. Style can and should be incorporated into the different aspects of our lives. What I mean is, for the workplace, what would be expected and appropriate may not be necessary for a “girls night out” or a “guys night out”. What would be expected at a “girls night out” may not be suitable for a wedding ceremony; and most definitely, what you wear to the beach will not be appropriate for the workplace or a spiritual environment.

It is important to be able to pull off the style needed at any given time and occasion, stay true to one’s values as well as the expectations for the occasion. Looking closely, you will confirm that career constitutes a major part of one’s adult life. Your corporate life is that part of you that is put out there to serve humanity whilst getting paid for it. In that area of our lives, God has given us a platform called work to showcase our talent and we will get paid for doing that as people obtain value from it. On that platform, part of what people will observe and pay us for will be our outlook, which comprise of clothes, delicately, appropriately and stylishly put together to call the right attention. I have heard this statement for so long “dress the way you want to be addressed”. I would like to share my thoughts on this as we go on. I have found myself in discussions on whether that mantra needs to be trashed or not. I am of the opinion that no matter how much the world has evolved to focus on the value one can bring instead of appearance, there is always a brief psychological reaction to the outlook of someone we just met. This reaction, if negative could go further to distort the behavioral interaction subsequently. We all know what follows, the individual goes the extra mile to prove the value he/ she can bring to the table. In the same vein, a positive psychological reaction or impression formation will boost interactions between parties.

Appearance plays a role in the success of one’s career/business. Your outlook speaks for and about you before you talk, even if it is online. It is inappropriate to come up to the camera looking shabby and with tired looks just because the meeting is online. “Wake up, dress up and show up” also applies to online work/meeting.During this lock down, create a workspace for yourself and take your bright outlook there even though it is in the house. Remote working/working from home/online work, whatever it is called, is something a number of people will learn to get used to.

The issue of dressing in business interactions or in the workplace has been centered round meeting expectations, alignment with company culture, following the rules, pleasing others and all that. However, one’s sense of dressing should also stem from an individual’s values, interests and desires. . No matter where you are heading to or what you are doing, you need to be in your best and most comfortable outfit, dressed appropriately. Do not put on a jacket on a pair of shorts. Ladies, do not wear what you cannot wear out. Dress appropriately for that online meeting with both internal and external customers.

The desire to be confident in any setting should motivate someone to pick an outfit in which the person is comfortable, suiting his/her style and leaving no doubts about the person’s capabilities and values. You can certainly gain more confidence from the way you dress. Your sense of style on a daily basis can totally depict how you perceive yourself and this can influence your lifestyle in general.

Stay Safe!

Mercy Itama (FNIM)

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