How To Get Scholarships

One of the most beautiful things that can happen for a person is to be able to afford a self improvement/potential enhancing program when needed. I couldn’t help but shed tears when I listened to the speech by Chadwick Boseman on how he ended up studying at Oxford University courtesy of Denzel Washington. That was a scholarship. He was able to live his professional dream life.

My condolences to his family. May God continue to bless and use Denzel more.

If someone cannot afford an education, then one can miss out on a chance to express a potential and live out a dream. This can actually have a negative effect on the other areas of the persons’ life. A person may have skills that could be of great service to another and yet never have the opportunity to develop them. Eventually those skills die off. It is therefore important to seek out any way possible of fulfilling your potential and developing yourself. That is in fact where scholarships come in. There is need for a student to seek out how to and where to get scholarships to fund an education/up-skill.

Scholarships and grants can provide a fantastic source of financial assistance for individuals who either deserve them due to their intelligence/talent or are struggling as a result of financial hardship. In some cases, the individual actually falls under both categories. Regardless of which category an individual falls into, someone that needs financial help can get it from a scholarship or grant.

Scholarships are very well needed now more than ever because of the effect of the pandemic. Businesses were shut down. Jobs lost and even some parents have transited, leaving child/children to uncertain times.

More than ever before, organizations and wealthy individuals should position themselves to be a blessing to talented and aspiring individuals.

A scholarship is a financial merit-based award that an individual can apply for. Some can include housing and course materials as well as tuition, or just the tuition alone. It may only be a percentage of the tuition or full tuition. This is dependent on the terms and conditions of the scholarship itself and what it offers. It may last for an academic year or for the duration of your degree program. Whatever the duration,  it will always have conditions attached, and this will most likely relate to your grade point average. It would have to remain above a certain level for you to qualify for the scholarship and keep it throughout the duration.

 A grant is totally different. Again, you can apply for it, but it would be a one off payment that would be awarded to you for a specific purpose and duration too. It may be that a specific topic you are working on would be eligible for funding and you were given a grant amount to help. You may also be given a housing or travel grant. Whatever the reason for the award, it is always a one off payment of a set amount.

Scholarships can be applied for by anyone attending an academic institution for a stipulated time. The application is usually a very detailed  process with vast forms to fill and extensively too which can take days to complete. A slight mistake on the form could lead to disqualification. So there is need to read through to thoroughly understand the instructions and comply with what one is asked to do to the minutest detail. Tons of people apply for any given scholarship. Hence the need to make one’s application stand out to be noticed.

The one rule is, do not lie. If you do, they will find out during the course of their investigations and considerations, and your application will immediately be rejected! Always be honest, show your awards and merits up in the best light possible if you want results.

It may also be worth applying for several scholarships and grants at any given time so that you are not putting your eggs in one basket. It never hurts to have a back up, especially where college and money is concerned.

Scholarships and grants can be difficult to get to grips with if you have never experienced them before, so it is essential that you fully understand the process and concept before beginning to apply. Funding for education is important for college students these days, so you need to be well guided and be prepared to do the best you can in terms of your application. It is your future, work to secure some part of it.

Studying abroad can be extremely exciting and a fantastic opportunity to
really experience the world. You get the chance to meet people of different
backgrounds, values and cultures. You also imbibe some of their way of life.
These all will change your perspective and make you a more rounded person. Only a fool would turn down a scholarship offer for further studies. Studying abroad even if it is just for a semester, could be very expensive. As a result, it would be wise to look into scholarships and grants.

One question you should ask yourself, though is, does nationality make any difference to your chance of getting education funding?

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Two of my children enjoyed scholarships. One schooled on FULL scholarship for first degree and fellowship for masters. In that report is how we worked to get there. You can use our method and even get something better. Yes, now I know something better exists if the individual can reach for it.

Mercy Itama FNIM

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