Marketing, the skill that every entrepreneur must have/be equipped with to succeed. In fact every business owner must be the chief marketing officer to attract the type of customers he/she wants for the company. Customers must constantly be added to increase the customer base for profitability. Today people are spending a lot to advertise and market services/products made by other people.
When someone markets products made by others for commissions, the right name for it is “Affiliate Marketing”. Simply, you are affiliated with the organization.  Another type of affiliate marketing is Multilevel Marketing (MLM). There are very well established MLM organizations like Forever Living; Longrich etc. The secret of their success is that their products are for  everyday use.  Do not look down on them at all. It is giving a lot of people the life they desire. Some people do only these type of businesses and make huge profits. Infact, they became the business of the nineties apart from the already known established multinational companies. I will write on MLM some other time.
Seven years ago, my husband told me to look at affiliate programs and think of promoting one that is very educative, in-line with my profession. I did not take him seriously. Today “Affiliate Marketing” has taken over the internet, indeed the world. A lot of people have come into the business.
Even the multinationals know that they cannot reach everyone individually so they have created platforms for ‘Associates’ or ‘Partners’ like Amazon has done. I wish I looked that way when my husband suggested it. It is a business one can do from anywhere in the world.
Next time you hear the word ‘Affiliate Marketing’, either think of how to become one for an established brand, especially for something you use or create an affiliate program for your business. Pay whoever tells someone else about your business, it will grow faster.
A few people have asked me if I know some things about Affiliate Marketing and that I should teach them since I am a trainer. It has forced me to look that way. In 2020, I have definitely started gathering my training materials as I build my own affiliate business which I started last year. Yes, you read right. I am so glad that Amazon now accepts associates from Nigeria. I can promote the foundation I have used for years that rocks as an associate. I now promote it.
When I wanted to actively start using makeup, I decided to use what will work on my face while it is on it.  
However, I needed to know how to market it as an affiliate, not just purchase it, use and tell someone about it for free. So I started a search on good affiliate marketing courses and for the last one year, I have been in school. Bought different programs, watched tons of videos and decided to write this to shorten the journey for a lot of people who want to do the business.

Truth is, you are doing affiliate marketing without being aware of that and also not being paid for it. Every time you direct someone to your hairdresser or designer, you just did affiliate marketing for free.

So Affiliate Marketing is an organized elitist way of paying you to market products and services made by other people.

Some product owners, especially the digital product manufacturers, if I can call them that, even allow you to make it yours by putting your name on it and cede some rights to you, having paid for it through membership or outright purchase.
Someone may ask “why is she writing on affiliate marketing”. It is one way you can earn a side income. You do not have to quit your day job. Set it up and put it on autopilot.
Decide which way you want to go, digital or physical products. Simply pick a niche you like or have interest in, find someone who does it as a business if you cannot immediately write something comprehensive on it or manufacture it, market and make some side income. Everyone cannot be a manufacturer. Market what you love and maybe even use for those who have spent money to produce it to those who need it, make some extra income. Daily expenses are increasing, INCREASE your income too. Have a passive income stream. It will interest you to know that all owners of major companies have a passive income stream that is not known to people around them. CREATE YOURS.
This write up is to:
  1. Whet your appetite for affiliate marketing which you do every time you direct someone to buy something from a physical or online shop.
  • Totally shorten your journey by directing you to established mentors.
  • Also for you to spend the little money you have rightly by picking up what you really need.
Start right after you finish reading this so you do not regret like me. It is better late than never anyway. I have started and making progress. However, number three is where I was not told the truth. I continually heard that one can start affiliate marketing without money, products or experience. That is not true. Anywhere you see or hear that statement, you have just been told a lie.
Truth is you will spend some money somewhere even without a website. I had to be on some programs for months to be able to write this. Though free, I bought lots of data; and later, paid programs. I put on alternative source of power when the major one was ceased so I could stay on the internet. Talk about going back to school to learn a new skill.
So let me help you make some savings, finish this reading, pay for some important things that you need and start a shorter schooling program than mine. Your own expenses will be lower than mine too if you heed the advice here, trust me. It will also be cheaper than renting a physical shop space even if it is physical products you want to sell.  You some training/mentoring to earn the first sum. Forget the claims people make on making huge amounts, concentrate on knowing the business.
I have gone to school for you the hard way and interestingly I love to keep learning, so remember to drop your email. In addition to the free gift, I will be sending you new findings . There are things I realized are mentioned by very few Affiliate Marketing teachers, I mean really very few AM teachers. I discovered them after several months of being on heavy research. I tried one of such rare discoveries with a YouTube channel I created promoting products and it is working. Enter your email in the contact page to get it.

You can make money with affiliate marketing as:

  1. A Publisher
  • An advertiser, or
  • An owner of an affiliate marketing network.


EXPERTNAIRE is one of such network. If you live in Nigeria, you can go on EXPERTNAIRE program for only N10,000.00 and have access to their top expert products. Click here to join:
For further training on Affiliate Marketing to increase your earnings, their best program is the 72 hour Income Generation product. It gives in-depth training and support.
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One of the best coaching programs an intending affiliate marketer should get into for success is the Super Affiliate Network. It lets you have a modest, however hopeful approach to it, letting you know that you need to be mentored for success in it and, that is the truth. Very fit for newbies.
Click here to read what it offers as training:
In all businesses, commitment and consistency are needed for success. Even though this will be a side business, you will have to find time to learn about it and run it to profitability. It may even grow to be a full time job for some people.
However, if you feel that you are very intelligent and can read up something and start Affiliate Marketing on your own without any training/mentoring, then one of such eBooks that is in-depth and can guide you is one I bought earlier this year after a prolonged search. Remember, I mentioned that I have spent quite a lot to get here. Click this link to get it if that is the way you want to go:
Finally, if you think all of the above is not for you. You would rather use your skills and experience to serve other people in your community. However, you are thinking of all the technicalities of setting up shop, then use already made templates you can tweak to your style and personality. It will reduce the stressful brain work you have to do and rather get started faster. Click here to see all you will get for a reasonable amount:
When you finally decide to start your affiliate marketing business, one place you can get good quality digital products is
If you choose to go with gold membership, you will get web creation cum hosting along with other beautiful benefits including exclusive PLRs. Go through their website thoroughly.
However, if you prefer free membership, then register with Bluehost through the link below to get discounts on both your domain and hosting. You will get FREE site builder tools, free domain, 1 easy-click word press install and round the clock support.
I wish you success in your affiliate marketing business. Remember to work with only affiliate networks that allows your country. They also have good products you can purchase and market.  Do not generate fake names and fake addresses to get into any network.  
Having decided to go for affiliate marketing, you need to know where to market your products. Send me your email for a mini ebook on Where and How To Generate Traffic For Your Affiliate Business through the contact page:

I will likely be paid commissions if you buy anything through the links above. 

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