Live Your Conviction, Stay Motivated!

Sometime in our lives we will come to a point where we have to live our convictions, some call it ‘Living My Truth’.  Whatever you call it, you will eventually get there. We may have a few fellow believers in that conviction room from the beginning or we just have to travel it alone initially. However, it is usually scantily filled at the onset. Presidents and leaders who truly are servants have traveled that road. On that road, you will be derided by some, threatened by some, rejected by some and may even be called “mad”.  Stay on it if you are convinced. You will eventually have company. Especially if what you are mad about “will bring the ultimate good to your fellow man”. As I read different accounts of former President Goodluck Jonathan’s book on how he conceded defeat, one thing stands out- he ‘lived his truth’. Which is, being president/leader is not so important to him to allow the blood of any Nigerian drop. Simple, it is not a do or die affair he means and he lived it to the glare of the whole world. He rose that day higher than what he was despite his faults. The moment you decide to do what will bring ultimate good to your fellow man, be it to only one person, you become larger, bigger and and a better person. Click on the link here and read a story of how a president decided to live his conviction and stood by one family that were daring enough to be on that road with him using their 6 year old daughter to fight for the ultimate good of their fellow race men and the soldiers who were brave enough to go against what their fellow country men believed. Eventually, when the fickle minded people understood that the color of blood is red, no matter the skin color it flows out from, they joined them in the hall of conviction to change things: As a corporate person, when you announce your conviction about a vision, do not expect everyone to follow immediately. Just build your case with facts and figures. Be ready to stand in the conference room to present until they understand that “it is for the ultimate good of us all”. It may not immediately change the bottom line upwards, but it will, sometime soon, let them know that. Listen to the dissident voices to understand them, for understanding is not agreement. It is so you can explain further the grey areas. Encourage the diffident ones also to speak, they may actually be on your side. Shyness is not dumbness. Create an atmosphere that will give the confidence to speak What is your ‘Truth/Conviction?’ Do not be afraid to live it. It is your voice and it could save a soul or a situation. Mercy Itama (FNIM)

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