Marketing, An Essential Skill

Marketing, the skill that every entrepreneur must have/be equipped with to succeed. In fact every business owner must be the chief marketing officer. Customers must constantly be added to increase the customer base for profitability. Without sales which is borne out of marketing, a business will eventually become extinct. However, marketing is now done mostly online. The internet has made it possible to buy from anyone across the globe. Today people are paying a lot for adds to market goods/services made by other people . When someone markets products made by others for commissions, the name for it is “Affiliate Marketing”. Another type of affiliate marketing is Multi Level Marketing(MLM). There are very well established MLM organizations.  Some people do only these type of businesses and make huge profits. In fact, they became the businesses of the nineties apart from the already known established multinational companies. Seven years ago, my husband told me to look at affiliate programs and think of promoting one that is very educative, inline with my profession. I did not take him seriously. I should have. Today “affiliate marketing” has taken over the internet and a lot more people have come into it now. I wish I looked that way when my husband suggested it. It is a business one can do from anywhere in the world. A few people have asked me if I know some things about it and that I should teach them since I am a trainer. It has forced me to look that way. In 2020, I will definitely start gathering my training materials as I build my own affiliate business. Yes, you read right. Not so glad that the beauty product I would really love to promote is on Amazon. I cannot register for Amazon Associates from my country and I do not like rerouting using VPN. Meanwhile, since I am into consultancy, the “The Consultants Pack” caught my eye. You can check it up in the ads section. However, I needed to know how to market it as an affiliate, not just purchase it. So I started a search on a good affiliate marketing course. I found this course “The 2020 Affiliate Marketing Guide”, bought it and have started my own affiliate business. I have decided to share the link with everyone that is thinking about that business. It is the most loaded affordable marketing course I have come across. I got one last year, it was nothing near this. May be I needed to invest a few bucks to get valuable information. I am glad I did. Everyone is selling what they know now. The course is a must have if you are interested in affiliate marketing. I will let you know any other material that is helping me as I build this business. Someone may ask “why is she writing on affiliate marketing”. It is one way you can earn a side income. Pick a niche you like or have interest in, find someone who does it as a business if you cannot immediately write something comprehensive on it, market and make some side income. Daily expenses are increasing, INCREASE your income too. Have a passive income stream. It will interest you to know that all owners of major companies have a passive income stream. Create yours. Kindly give me feedback on any affiliate niche you are interested in and I will revert to you with adequate information on it. However, to even dominate any niche you chose, learn how affiliate marketing will work in 2020, click on this link:

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