Rising To The Top And Staying There

High fliers are everywhere. Some blossom in school and continue at work/business, some emerge only after they had started work. Whichever way, they surround us. They know their onions and cook it well. Lol! When I use that phrase in class, everyone laughs.    

These high fliers know the card to flip and when. At negotiations, they steer everyone with their wisdom and personal repertoire to get their wins. At meetings, people sit struck by their wisdom in handling issues and at presentations, audience rise in ovation for them due to their use of words.

Rise to the top is with ease and fluidity. It just comes naturally to them to excel. They make some people question God on what happened to them when these corporate mavericks were being created. However, these high fliers often forget at some point what took them to such heights and begin to let go of the strong values that propelled them to those revered positions; Hence, begin to plummet down. Some fall so bad coming back up look impossible to them that depression becomes a comfortable place to stay moaning; and sometimes, a few take the ultimate route out.

Rodrick Kramer said the behaviors and values of the leaders who got to the top and stayed there were quite similar even though they had different personalities and management styles. He said they:

  1. Kept their lives simple.
  2. Hanged a lantern on their foibles.
  3. Floated trial balloons
  4. Sweat the small stuff
  5. Reflect more, not less

“The Harder They Fall” is a write up every executive should read and take some learning: https://hbr.org/2003/10/the-harder-they-fall

Mercy Itama (FNIM)

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