The Power of The Tongue 3-Speak Positively

I believe you started off the year with great promises of the creator to you. I hope you got your own personal message from God. It’s usually the most convincing. Powerful enough to propel and keep you going no matter what you meet on the road of life. Call it any name you want- Conviction; Word from God; Revelation, Intuition etc. Just make sure you arm yourself with some personal word that will keep you going if the going gets tough.

The power to move forward in any area of your life lies within you. God breathed into man His life and power at creation. This was for man to continue creation and truly occupy the earth-multiply and beautify the world with their creations, using what He, God had already provided.

“Thoughts are things” is a statement I grew up to hear and read in books. You have to think about it to build the images, then create it in the physical through your actions.

First of all, you start to choose and think in empowering ways in life, thus making difficult tasks become easy. Affirmations help you think in positive, powerful ways which people don’t usually realize until they take the time to actually think about it. When it comes to achieving a successful life in all aspects such as health, wealth and relationships, practicing positive affirmations can help you get there faster as you start to choose empowering ways to live your life and improve your circumstances by taking action instead of adopting the “victim mindset” towards anything life brings.

Speaking to yourself positive things will help you change adverse behaviors or achieve the correct mindset, and it can likewise help undo the harm caused by negative scripts, those things which we repeatedly tell ourselves or which others repeatedly tell us that add to a negative self-perception, thereby affect our success. Someone said it and you picked it up. ‘I don’t deserve such a high profile job’. No you do, just sharpen your skills. Take a crash course if you must.

Affirmations are proven to be a safe and easy method for helping your mind think in empowering ways to help you achieve the results you want in your life faster.

In an earlier post, I mentioned that words have energies and they pull into existence what is being spoken. That’s how the world we inhabit came to be. Same with the world you dream of can come to be. It can be spoken into reality. What you desire is on your lips starting from your imagination. The discipline to speak things as you want it to be is actually what one must learn and continue speaking even when all seems to be looking contrary. Every time you speak, you are affirming something.

It’s a new year, plans have been made for the new year. Prayers have been said, hence expectations have been heightened. Next is motion, waking up everyday to work the plans and of course, most importantly remaining positive even in the most adverse situation. Adverse situations (adversity) can be in minutes, hours, weeks, months even years. What we have been made to understand adversity to be is one big negative/reverse condition. Wrong. Adversity could be a few minutes/hours reverse situation due to a missed bus, broken down vehicle, unusual traffic caused by an accident that makes one miss a very important meeting. Speaking positively in these situations when they show up can turn things around immediately or in the near future. Speaking positively is also affirmations. Not just those few minutes people spend in telling themselves something good. In all situations, speak affirming exactly what you want throughout the year. You will eventually get accustomed to it.

I noticed that we are all very accustomed to speaking in the negative. And also praying in the negative. We have been negatively programmed, from our parents, pastors and peers.

This new year, learn to speak positively. If you have to hurry so you get to where you are going to early, use EARLY, not LATE in your sentence. Remember words are energies. They arrange things in your favour or against you. Speak, affirming exactly what you want to happen for you, not the opposite. If you have to get to a meeting early, EARLY should be in your sentence.

‘I need to hurry so I can get to the meeting venue early’. Most people speak the other way ‘I need to hurry so I don’t get there late’. This new year, change that LATE in the sentence to EARLY because that is actually what you want. You want to get there EARLY.

It may take a while to get used to changing your language but start. Most people were raised with negative programming and had to do some work reprogramming, like me. In my house, my children are getting used to praying in the positive language and now even correct me sometimes. Putting exactly what they want to see happen in their sentences, not the opposite. I told them that I have used the negatives longer that they did, so it will take a while for total reprogramming. I feel good that they grasped it fast and at an early age.

Listen to yourself and people around you, you will hear it. Now let us pray. I want to pray and ask God for LIFE. What do I say ‘I shall not DIE, I shall not DIE’. You are about to travel, you want SAFETY ‘Lord, there shall not be any accidents and none of us shall have accidents in Jesus name, Amen’. Look in that sentence, nothing of what you want is in it. But you sweated whilst praying. Enough of these trite and negative statements in our prayers this year. One of my friends nailed it on the head. She said the reason we pray like this is because we do not even know passages  that have SAFE/SAFETY or the exact things we want to pray about, using herself as an example, promising to go search them out. We only listen as others speak and pray, then copy and paste, not do it the right way.

Someone I know actually said, he goes to prayer meetings with faith and comes back with fear because all the prayers prayed in that place was ‘I will…. not……’;  ‘I shall……not…..’ Praying our fears instead of praying in faith.

Reprogram people. Change the way you speak and pray. Praying is speaking, for words have energies to arrange and re-arrange things. This 2020, re-arrange some things with positive speaking. You have done positive thinking for so long, add positive speaking and praying to supercharge it.  Next time you are praying for safe journey, let SAFE be in your sentence, the elements are listening. Use the words of what you want when speaking, not the opposite. There is POWER in your tongue, tame it to harness that power!

The next trite and negative statement that is all over the place is when you, yes you want someone to remember something. What do you say ‘Please do not FORGET to bring that …..for me’. For meetings ‘Do not forget our meeting will hold…..’. Yet you want the person/people to REMEMBER. You have just planted forgetfulness and expect to reap remembrance. Words have energy. Interestingly, that is how majority of people speak. “Don’t forget to…..”. Next time you want to tell/make someone remember something, actually use the word remember in your sentence. ‘Please REMEMBER that our next meeting will hold…….’. “REMEMBER to subscribe to my channel.” That is what you want them to do, REMEMBER. USE IT IN YOUR SENTENCE. When you do this, you force the universe to give them remembrance by putting on their pathway things/people that will make them remember.

Use the exact words of what you want to happen, not the opposite!

Mercy Itama (FNIM)

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