Where Do Hoodlums Come From?

A beautiful protest started by gentle and concerned people who truly desire a change, is often times hijacked by a group of unruly people and turn a country into a near anarchy state. Then the outcry becomes- hoodlums, hoodlums, hoodlums! People are now proposing different solutions on how they can be handled. Most popular solutions involve “Debriefing and Reprogramming”. However, where did they come from?

I usually like to go to the root of problems and handle it from there so I can permanently remove them. If we continue to handle issues from the branches, they will keep sprouting up again and again to eventually become a tree that will need felling. Where did these hoodlums come from?

They came from families.

Every family has a well-to-do member and a not so well-to-do one. Some families are blessed, they have a good number of well-to-do members. How have they helped the not-so-well to do extended family members to be in school; because if that child is in school like yours the well-to-do, studying to be educated and elevated like yours, he/she is out of reach of anyone that will want to take him/her another way or downhill. Okay, you may quickly remember the child you tried to help and he/she went south. Did you reach out to correctional centers/counsellors for help? Just as you would have done if it was your biological child. No parent will abandon a drug addict child. Mom or dad will go to the ends of the earth to recover his/her destiny. For the Christians, they will wrestle with the devil and snatch such a child from his claws.

However since this one is from another womb, he/she is not worth that stress. So the child is cast out if the child was living with you, becomes a hoodlum eventually. If the child was living with parents who have no means to provide, he/she will step out to join a group that teaches on how to fend for themselves, becomes a hoodlum eventually. With a little money, he will destroy and even lead fellow youths to cause mayhem.

Are you a parent who notices the recalcitrant/rebellious nature of your child and treat what is brewing with kids’ gloves? That is a hoodlum in the making. Arise and nip it in the bud. If you cannot handle it, do not keep quiet. Seek help now that the child is still young. Cut the gifts and show the child some tough love that will save him from becoming a menace to the society.

I believe the pandemic/quarantine must have taught us that we do not need most of the things we buy, thereby bringing up the idea of “minimalism”. Cut down! We all need to ask “Do I really need this?” when we are shopping. Do you really need a N150K/$300 hair piece? Do you really need to wear a N1ml kaftan/$6500 suit? Do you need to sleep on that outrageously expensive bed to have the restful sleep that produces Human Growth Hormone? Must your child attend that very expensive high school to sit this same West African School Certificate Examination (WASC)/be a high school graduate? “How can I make sure I join in ensuring that no child will be available to be used for the wrong things?” has to be the bigger question on this hoodlum issue. I heard of a man who was managing his brother’s business. The latter fell ill and died. The former who was his younger brother that he trained, sold everything off and walked away from the deceased family. How the late brothers’ young children will fend for themselves and continue schooling was not his business.

Values! Values! Values! What Values are we handing down to those under our influence? People in our circle of influence. We are all calling for a new Nigeria. I saw how abusive and uncouth some were in addressing the elders on the wroth they created. Some, not all.

There is a lot of work to be done. Let’s start. Look inwards to minimize the number of hoodlums on the street, with a long term view of eradicating them completely. Reach out to one poor relative in your family. Keep a child in school/make one learn a trade or skill. If you can help establish one set of parents/single parent in a business or direct them to where they can get a loan to start something, do so. Look inwards first before going out there to show that great love.

Have you done something before and it didn’t work? Go back and do it one more time. No more looking away from the closest people to you. Let’s create our heaven on earth by doing a bit in our great corners.

Drop your thoughts on how we can eradicate hoodlums from our society. I will like to know more ways as you Think On These Things!


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